Release 23.0.0: Ultima Thule or Uranos?

Hi all,

I suspect distrib_release did not get updated, correct? Not really a problem though imho


cat /etc/lsb-release 



To sum up another forum topic:
Got renamed recently cause someone said Ultima was the name of some Nazi metal band …

Actually Manjaro releases are named after Star Trek planets.

P.s. only lsb_release got updated purely cosmetical, we are still at release 23.


The Ultima Thule generation of releases — i.e. 23.x.x — were tentatively renamed to Uranos due to someone pointing out that Ultima Thule is also used as the name for a Swedish neo-Nazi metal band.

Manjaro has no affiliation with said band, and all of our releases are named after planets from the Star Trek universe. Still, the objections to the Ultima Thule name for our current release were noted, and the management decided accordingly.


for context:

Regarding the Ultima Thule release name

The @bittin guy must be really proud
or embarrassed

I’d never have thought that that would actually be the consequence of one guy complaining about the name that he connected with … whatever.

One can also exaggerate it. And you let yourself be intimidated by such things. main thing woke …

And now mark my post as inappropriate! I’m looking forward to it …

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Nah, it makes total sense.
Thats why I only ever refer to :screwdriver:s as ‘twisty turny things’. :sweat_smile:

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Actually: @bittin is not responsible.
He/she just raised a (pretty pathetic) objection.

Whoever acted upon the super weak objection is.

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… and that is why I plead for a renaming back to “Ultimate Thule”.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist over people who stick their asses on the street!

Pleading is not the proper response to that, IMO.

virtue signalling FTW ^^

or simply this: :roll_eyes:

The arguments are all laid out in the original thread.
The name change happened anyway.

… what can one say? …

One can remember - and act and behave accordingly. (is my opinion)

I can’t say I don’t care.

But then again:
it’s just a name - and I don’t use Manjaro anyway. :sunglasses:

What?! You heretic!

You better look under your bed first before going to sleep tonight, because we’ll be coming for you!


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Next thing you should ban is letter ‘z’ in auto-generated avatars.


… and the Manjaro logo should be changed from green to blue/yellow to satisfy also all spinners …

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