Recent updates greatly slows launching apps

Recent updates cripple the system! Launches slow enough as to appear not launching.

I have been using xfce Manjaro (stable) for about two years, but am not too familiar with Linux administration or using the forums.

It is a 4 drive system; my sda has boot root things on it.

A few weeks back and June 14th updates crippled the system:
Instead of a 1 to 2 second to launch Firefox, Libre office, Thunderbird and a few others I tested, it became a ~30 - 40 second affair. This is long enough to suspect they will not launch. However the apps run ok once up. This persisted on rebooting.

I limped by hoping a fix is coming. But June 13th I redownloaded and installed majaro-xfce-22.1.3 .

This made the system work fine, but I needed a printer to work.

When I went to install system-config-printer, following advice online, I bundled the install with what turned out to be many updates (June 13th) using Pacman , which hobbled the system again, with the same slow launching I saw a few weeks ago.

  1. I am reporting the issue
  2. Is there a fix for this, so I do not have to Timeshift back and then force installation of individual packages and hope for the luck?

Thank you for any help.

Did you check the update announcements?


Thank you; this worked nicely.
I did look at announcements for Stable, but nothing jumped out at me as a solution. I looked for similar in posts, but you need better technical knowledge than I have to guess the right term to search for. I plan to improve navigating the forums.

Again, thank you for your help.


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