Recent update breaks a lot of stuff

When I update my packages, it seems like kde is completely broken after restarting. My windows don’t have the top bar (with the minimize, maximize and close buttons) and i can’t switch to TTY. My windows also all go to the left most screen and are unmovable (because it doesn’t have the kde top bar). If anyone can help me figure out the problem, please let me know what logs you’d like to see, so I can try to give them. I’ve only been able to recover my OS by rolling back with a timeshift backup

It’s something specific to your system because my KDE and many other users are working perfectly. The most likely cause is a broken theme or something else you’ve installed. Simplest way to confirm that is create a new user, login on that and see if the problem is still there.



First read the most recent update announcement …

Now remove any customisation and custom scripts from AUR - remove those packages, reboot and rerun the sync from command line using a up-to-date mirror and pacman.

Pay attention to any messages and challenges to replace packages …


Just tried this, but it seems to have the exact same issues, unfortunatly. I used the default Manjaro Breath theme, and haven’t customized much besides that

removed all kde customizations (a few kwin scripts and that was it), no AUR packages installed and resynced the mirrors, but still having the exact same issue

You are going to have to give more information, such as an inxi -Fazy … themes in use? etc.