Raspberry Pi and VNC

I am a new manjaro (gnome) user.
I used raspberry pi os (debian) and some ubuntu before.
I’m having trouble setting up vnc.
I couldn’t solve it with my research on Forum/ Youtube and google.
(Don’t say search more, I spent about 4 hours and could not reach a conclusion.)
(trying to connect with macos m1 max)
I tried all tigervnc and realvnc methods on forum or youtube.
It shouldn’t be this hard. Do you have any suggestions or guides?

Thank you.

Then please be so kind and say what you have tried, otherwise things will be repeated.

A few forum search results:


Finally, it works!
(I started with realvnc (fail), then going for tigervnc, something causing error. With fresh install and tigervnc, it is good now.)
Sorry about it, you can delete topic!
Thank you!

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