Raspberry Pi 4 VNC

I was wondering if there is a good and easy to set up vnc server for the raspberry pi 4(headless)

There has been several post with issues getting vnc working. I believe they got it working here:

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Just installed Anydesk on my rpi, seems to be working just fine. My rpi is running debian though but I’m accessing it from Anydesk om my Manjaro KDE laptop. Available in AUR and as Flatpak (Anydesk bin in AUR worked best for me).

At the bottom there are instruction but I don’t have lightdm

I have no idea. I have no reason to have vnc. Maybe some body here has a solution.

Maybe I could try xfce

It uses lightdm

There’s a vnc like app called “nomachine” in the AUR repo. Works on many platforms and supports arm/aarch64.

@Mangled Would you happen to know if you can use an aarch64 client to connect to x86_64 nomachine server?

Yes I’m currently using it to connect to my x86 windows PC from my aarch64 pi 4.

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I also got tiger vnc to work as well. However with tiger vnc, it doesn’t allow you to transfer files between computers directly. Nomachine is able to do so.

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