Radiotray-ng vanished from AUR

Since latest system update, radiotray-ng doesn’t work anymore. It says that libboost was not found. Unfortunately it’s not in AUR anymore, so reinstall is not possible - in previous versions this helped because it was linked to the recent libboost version. I like this program very much, so is there a chance that it will be added to AUR again?


  • The pkgbuild have never been removed from the AUR
  • You need to rebuild the package

When you get the error “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory” you need to rebuild the pkgbuild, this is valid for every program and pkgbuild build from source

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Did you read the Announcement post? :wink:

It is still in AUR, I rebuilt the program and it works.

Strange, PAMAC does not show radiotray-ng on my system. Of course, AUR support is activated. I rebuilt it using yay, this worked. Does someone know what the cause could be that PAMAC does not show this, though it is in AUR?
EDIT: I had to refresh the mirror list, so radiotray-ng is listed now.

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