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Hello, good day, I wanted to consult something, I installed manjaro about 3 days ago, today I received an update and while it was updating I saw that this message appeared: The kernel has been updated. The current kernel modules have been backed up so that you can continue to use your computer. However, the next kernel will only work on the next boot.

And later the following messages appeared: (here was the current kernel of my laptop) it was the last maintenance version of Greg.
This kernel string is now marked as EOL (end of life)
It is recommended to move to the Linux series. use cmd followed to do that: (here was a command but don’t copy it: /)

My question is whether I have to execute the command that appeared to me in the terminal or leave it as it is because after the update I restarted the machine and I started well, the steam and discord programs were opened without any problem, in the terminal executing neofetch it came out kernel 5.13.19-2 I think it is like EOL would have to update it ?. I hope you understand what I have written since I do not speak much English and I have used the google translator

I’m very curious if this has been changed as a default for new installations: do you have kernel-modules-hook package pre-installed?

pamac info kernel-modules-hook

Hello @GUSAMICO and welcome :wink:

It is highly recommend to remove an EOL Kernel as soon as possible, since it will happen that an EOL Kernel will disappear on the offical repo, which will then be removed from your system. And if only kernel 5.13 is installed you will end up with an broken system. :wink:

It is highly recommend to have at least one LTS Kernel installed: linux54 or linux510. Stable Kernel have new features, but last only about 3 months and a new version have to be installed,

So stay tuned…

  • One LTS Kernel
  • One Stable Kernel (if really needed/wanted)

If you want to know more about kernels explained simply, please read this:

Especially the Linux has multiple kernels section, though some of the other sesctios might be of value to you too…


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Very grateful for the information you give me, I will be watching it to learn more about linux. I already update the kernel through the configuration manager tool :slight_smile:

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