qBittorrent crashes with Segmentation fault after 2022-10-05 update

Using gdb I was able to obtain only:

Thread 1 "qbittorrent" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
QFont::operator== (this=0x7fffec005c10, f=...) at /usr/src/debug/qtbase-everywhere-src-6.4.0/src/gui/text/qfont.cpp:1738
Downloading 0.10 MB source file /usr/src/debug/qtbase-everywhere-src-6.4.0/src/gui/text/qfont.cpp
1738                || (f.d->request   == d->request

Started happening right after the 2022-10-05 update.

Maybe qBittorrent needs to be rebuilt against the newest qt libs?

It works fine for me, so I think it’s more a configuration issue.

I’m using Plasma and it works fine here.
Maybe you need to specify an environment variable when running on GTK based desktops.

Thanks for the response. I don’t think it’s a configuration issue, unless the update changed something with the configuration (nothing seen through pacdiff). Interestingly, okular works. So it seems to be qBittorrent specific.

i confirm, it works fine

Yeah, I’ve seen that thread @steanne, but I don’t think it’s so safe (for other apps) to downgrade qt. It’s qBittorrent that needs to be rebuilt against the new libs.

If that was the case, then it wouldn’t work for anyone and as I said, it works fine for me.

Hey @Strit, I think it’s great that “it works for you”. This doesn’t, however, get us any closer to the source of the issue (that may be happening to more folks).

I agree. I’m just saying that it’s not an issue with the application itself, because then it wouldn’t work for anyone, but it does work for some.

So it’s something else on your systems making this an issue. My guess is that it’s specific to GTK environments and such could be a missing environment variable or configuration.

Resolved by

  • cleaning up entries in /etc/environment
  • uninstalling qt6ct (it also segfaulted on startup)
  • installing adwaita-qt5 adwaita-qt6
  • having the below entries in ~/.profile:
export QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=adwaita-dark

But I am still not sure what exactly changed after the last update.


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