Python-napalm fail to install

when trying to install python-napalm from pacman I get an error

==> Starting check()...
ERROR: tox config file (either pyproject.toml, tox.ini, setup.cfg) not found
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().

Well, for one thing 2.5.0 is an older version from last year. In the meantime, there have been a few releases with 3.0.0 being pretty major. Almost all of it’s dependencies from the AUR (by the same maintainer) are also out of date.

You can either wait for the maintainer to update them or edit the PKGBUILDs and make any necessary changes.

Using tox isn’t really common or necessary for the end user, so you can at least try removing the checkdepends=() array and check() function.

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Well, so much for those packages. The maintainer deleted his account and all his packages.

well, then what should I do?
should I try and find a different library in order to get ping times that originate from my core router using a python script?

The real question is, why do you need napalm? What packages require it? Didn’t look like much.

Since it and all it’s dependencies that were in the AUR are gone, either you need to resurrect them and maintain them yourself or use a Python Virtual Environment instead.

i don’t need napalm i just need a way to tell my router to ping and address and give me the results with a python script.
so if there is a different way to do that i would love to hear it.

It’s time to start a new thread in maybe #support:Programming and present what you actually want to do.