Get ping results from core router with a python script

im trying to write a python script that gets ping results from all the devices on the network. but sending the ping from my computer is not representative enough. the ping needs to come from the core router.
so I need a way to tell the core router to ping an address and give me back the results with a python script.
I can log into the router and ping IP’s from there, but to ping, every address in our network manually would take a long time.
the router is running RouterOS v6.45.8

Continuing from here, have you tried installing napalm in a virtualenv?

no, I have not.
I don’t know how to set up a virtualenv.

You do know how to click the link I provided in the previous topic, though. :wink: I don’t know how either because I never wanted to. That looked like a great place to start when I searched the internet.