Proxy-Settings can't be saved in KDE

kdeinit5 --version:

Qt: 5.15.2
KDE: 5.80.0

I try to set a manual proxy for my whole desktop.
I go to settings ⇒ Proxy, choose manual proxy and set the ip ( Topic 1 - 5)

If I change then to another Section in the KDE-Setting (6) , and back to Proxy-Settings (1), then the settings are gone, and “No Proxy” is choosed again.

Any Idea why?

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Bro, we may face the same issue caused by the latest release. My proxy settings is broken too

On mine it shows populated an all, but the actual functionality is not there. For example, I can’t ping any address from the shell.

same issue lol

Same here

Edit: It works now after closing and re-opening