Problems with dolphin and webdav

Hello everyone.
After upgrading Plasma KDE to version 6, Dolphin ( dolphin v.24.05.0 - KDE v.6.0.5) has the following problem: wanting to access a Webdav resource from dolphin , as I always did, once I provide all the credentials, dolphin is able to get into the root folder of the resource, but when I try to access the subfolders, it prevents me from doing so by giving me the following error:

The file or folder webdavs:// does not exist.


I point out that , working ALSO with a Virtualbox machine with Sparky linux 12 , KDE 5.27.10, dolphin 23.08.1, accessing the same webdav resource with the same login procedure, the problem does not occur.
Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Hi @Frank62,

While this doesn’t perhaps answer your question directly, it could offer a solution to your problem.

See if you can access/mount/use the resource manually:

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… I have the same issue since KDE 6.

My solution was using thunar for webdav instead of dolphin, which is working perfect.

With my method it’ll work on both, as far as I’m aware.

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I have the weird problem after upgrading a few days ago, that none of the Webdav clients work anymore. I’ve tried Thunar (my standard), Nautilus and Dolphin.
The Webdav resource is avasilable, i’ve tested that with 3rd party systems.

Any ideas?

Hi @andreas_k66, and welcome!

Please start a new thread on this, if the provided answer doesn’t work for you:


For @Frank62, this might help. See:

(Although I will maintain that my method is better, but whatever works for you.)


Install gvfs-dnssd:

pamac install gvfs-dnssd


thanks a lot for beeing aware :+1:

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