Problems after update

You need to install or use a font that has “Nerd” in its name, like Noto Sans Mono Nerd.

As for the icons, switch to a different icon theme and back, and then hover the mouse over the “missing” icons. They will reappear. However, be advised that this is a bug in Plasma 6.0.x, and that you’ll have to do this again every time you log in.


I dont have to do this. So it makes me wonder about the status of the systems experiencing it (or the resources they are using).

Then again. I also have a pretty sparse panel with only a few system tray icons.

If its a known bug please share the linkies.

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I don’t know whether it’s a known bug, but I believe that it would definitely be a bug, given that it’s reproducible, and always with the same icon — specifically, the notifications icon.

Originally, it also happened with a few other icons — widgets on my top panel — but at present time it’s only the notifications icon anymore than looks odd — just a generic 2D-ish “file” icon — until I repeat the steps as I outlined them above.

I also do have a problem that I cannot seem to fix with the look of the trashcan icon on my lower panel. It’s not the normal stylish macOS-like 3D icon anymore, but just a sketchy monochrome 2D icon now. :man_shrugging:

It’s also not related to the Plasma style, by the way. It looks the same in the upstream-supplied Breeze style.

Are you sure its not the icon theme?
I really do not have this issue.

(I use these: MACE / Icons / Papirus Mace Icon Theme · GitLab)

Of course not. Most everything comes from the icon theme now in plasma6.
Icons that previously sourced from your desktop theme (like on the panel) are sourced from your selected icon theme.

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Yes, because it’s the same icon theme as I was using before. I am using the WhiteSur icon theme.

How does that matter?
Icons and paths changed in Plasma6.

Looking at the source…I am not sure. Looks kinda old with some minor updates last month or so.

Compare to something like upstream papirus, and note the explicit plasma6 changes…

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I did not install it from the AUR, but only within my home directory, so it should be using the paths where knewstuff puts it. :man_shrugging:

No … I mean like … theres a whole new paradigm for calling *-symbolic for example.
A number of previously used names/paths are different now for various things.

Also installing in home can have unintended consequences like SDDM not being able to source them.

Ah, but I have not touched sddm, except for the wallpaper it uses. My sddm is set to the upstream default Breeze theme.

Again … many things source your icon theme now.
If you were to hit ‘apply plasma configurations’ like people would usually want to do - it will try and theme it like your desktop … the login and shutdown icons would use your icon theme.

(the SDDM theme, much like your desktop theme, has severely reduced powers in plasma6 and is more relegated to layout alone)

Yes, I know, but I haven’t done that. :wink:

Anyhoo … I dont know how installing in HOME or whatever state your SDDM is has any impact on … whether or not your icon theme is up to date for plasma 6.

Try out some other ones maybe just to prove me wrong. :sweat_smile:

Well, I know I still have to remove some old crud that I no longer need, but that’ll be for another day. It’s not an urgent problem. :wink:

And then quite possibly not a bug either. :wink:

We’ll see. :wink: :man_shrugging:

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Well, I’ve installed a more recent icon theme now — via the OCS link at — and the problem appears to be remedied somewhat. The Trash icon still doesn’t look like an actual 3D image — it’s a 2D monochrome image of something resembling a hard drive — but this particular icon set does look a lot better in general. :man_shrugging:


In konsole I changed the font to Hack Nerd, now the Home symbol is back.

Yes. I can open manjaro-settings-manager via konsole, but when I click on any of the icons in there, Kernel, Time & Date and the others, nothing happens, nothing pops up. How to fix these?

What I hope to be fixed soon at most, is that WiFi is no longer possible, it’s icon is missing in the dropdown panel, s. pic in my 1st post. Has anyone tried to change the kernel and that fixed the issues?

I can confirm that these icons in MSM launch their respective tools as expected, in a freshly installed and updated VM - so, it seems the issue is specific to your environment.

Did you reboot after making those changes?

actually 2x.
But do they also launch on your bare metal?

ok, I ran
kbuildsycoca6 --noincremental
as root, now no error message, reboot.
I found that the icons in manjaro-settings-manager open not with a single but with a double click, I believe before the update they opened with a single click.

But still biggest problem is: No WiFi

and the widget I used are unusable in the new KDE.