Problem with scanner

hello,i have a canon ts3400 printer and scanner.i tried to use skanlite or simplescan.both of programs can see the wifi scanner,but when i try to scan,it say to me no scanner connected.
From archlinux i can scan using both programs but i like to use also in manjaro.

Are the drivers installed?
Printer Driver: AUR (en) - cnijfilter2

In terminal: pamac build  cnijfilter2

Scanner Driver: AUR (en) - scangearmp2

pamac build scangearmp2

I am uncertain if sane needs to be installed.
Have you tried with gscan2pdf?

Hi @pigeta and welcome to the Manjaro forum.

This ArchWiki page should help with scanner setup with SANE, if needed.

The sane-devel mailing list can also be helpful.

sane doesn’t work since longer topic

And it never will if you dismiss possible sources of help so easily.

The sane-devel mailing list allows an opportunity to talk direcly with sane developers, along with other users, and have proven to be an invaluable resource. Good luck.