Problem regarding installation of Manjaro on Dell Latitude 7390

I am not new to Linux but I am new to Manjaro. I am trying to install the gnome-Version of Manjaro on my Laptop, but so far I did not succeed and I don’t really know, how to look for an answer. I would really appreciate anyone pointing to the right directions.
I will list pheomenons and problems as bullet points as I do not know, if and how some of therse points are releated.
The biggest problem is, that the system freezes completely after booting. I can enter my credentials and the desktop starts fine but then everything freezes. It happens right after, so I can not read logs or something.

  • before everything: Windows was installed as the sole OS and worked fine. So I don’t think it is a hardware issue.
  • booting the live-System from USB works fine too (!), as long as Windows is installed on harddrive.
  • weird: after installing Manjaro on the harddisk, booting from Live-USB also fails to load (!!)
  • I chose the partition table recommended by the wizard, 300M (I think for efi, the remaining space ext4 for /
  • when the system freezes, there are colored dots on the upper edge of the screen.

I have absoluteley no idea, where and how to look for a solution. I am very thankful, if anyone can help me get Manjaro running. I bought this Laptop specifically to get back into Linux and to have a system dedicated to this OS


Is either this model
or this one
And based on your description that is getting frozen, i guess is the latter one. You have to change the BIOS from the default “RAID mode” to “AHCI mode” and disable secure boot if there is that option.

If you gain access to the system (Live or Installed), share some information about it as described in [HowTo] Provide System Information