Problem installing HP Laserjet P1102

Hello there, just got the latest stable manjaro download and installed it to my new pc i bought a few days ago

I have problems installing the driver, then I follow advice in this forum from other posts having similar problems the the hplip-plugin is able to detect the correct model of my printer and it does download the driver (it complains that it cannot get the key to validate the install) it says success and then reports failure. Of course I am still not able to use the printer.

I also followed the directions in a post at support forum , print section , for the same printer, the forum does not allow me to link

but i have the usual problem for being unable to locate the pyqt4 package that other experience too

Any suggestions ?

What’s forum link??

And this what happen to the old one…

the link i wanted to provide is for the thread “HPLIP install laserjet 1102p” same forum as this Support->Printers but the forum does not allow me to provide a link inside my posts probably because i am a newcomer and has not unlocked all my privileges

This one is locked, It has a time limit since the Soluion was marked.

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yeap that was the one, I also googled around and tried several other solutions before asking here but to no avail

EDIT: apparently the printer has problems with Windows as well, so this is not a Manjaro problem

Hi, @kilon
I think the problem could be solved reading the recipe I wrote on this post.

Hope it help, regards.