Printing on evince prints random blank pages

I posted this on the Gnome topic as well not knowing exactly where this belonged. I apologize.

Sometime ago, I did an update and it broke my printing, which was fine before. It’s odd that this problem only occurs when I’m trying to print from evince.

My printer doesn’t support dual side printing, so I usually just print the odd pages first and then the even pages. I’ve only noticed this happening when printing even pages. It would randomly print a blank page and resume printing like nothing happened. When it does happen, there’s a higher tendency for it to print a blank page on the page of the job.

What I’ve tried
I’ve printed on other programs like WPS office. It runs as expected. No random blank pages.
Downgraded Evince multiple times. Didn’t work
Downgraded the following packages to a version before the update (I was desperate. It didnt work): ghostscript, cups, cups-filters, libcups, python-pycups

Obviously, this messes up the entire order of everything and printing is honestly very stressful now. Any help is much appreciated!

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