Printing on Evince gives random blank pages

Sometime ago, I did an update and it broke my printing, which was fine before. It’s odd that this problem only occurs when I’m trying to print from evince.

My printer doesn’t support dual side printing, so I usually just print the odd pages first and then the even pages. I’ve only noticed this happening when printing even pages. It would randomly print a blank page and resume printing like nothing happened. When it does happen, there’s a higher tendency for it to print a blank page on the page of the job.

What I’ve tried
I’ve printed on other programs like WPS office. It runs as expected. No random blank pages.
Downgraded Evince multiple times. Didn’t work
Downgraded the following packages to a version before the update (I was desperate. It didnt work): ghostscript, cups, cups-filters, libcups, python-pycups

Obviously, this messes up the entire order of everything and printing is honestly very stressful now. Any help is much appreciated!

This should tell you something, at least. Perhaps it’s time to retire Evince in favour of something equally capable, or moreso.

If you were using KDE, I’d have no hesitation in suggesting Okular as a complete replacement. Incidentally, it could also be installed on Gnome; albeit not the ideal scenario.

:point_up_2: This would be the obvious solution; use other programs like WPS office or, an open-source alternative such as LibreOffice, which is available in the Manjaro repo’s. Another option might be SoftMaker Office which is available for a modest fee.

I’m guessing any of those options might be a viable alternative for you.

Given this information, is there any specific reason why you feel the need to focus so much energy and frustration on Evince?

Honestly, Evince is just something that used to work, out of the box. And it has proper smooth scrolling support on wayland which means i can flick stuff around using my touchpad. Im always going through large files so this is a welcome feature. WPS could do all that and more. But It was very clunky and had lots of inconsistencies between the UI.

I’ve tried to install okular but really… It has to install like 300Mb worth of dependencies and I don’t feel comfortable cluttering up my packages like that just to view a pdf

Except, it’s not really just for that, is it? You want it to produce good, clear printed output as well; and that’s important too.

Have you tried LibreOffice? It has matured a lot in recent years; plus, it’s freely available in Manjaro for as long as you need it. Certainly not as clunky as I remember WPS being.

Libreoffice has issues regarding PDF support. It uses Draw. So it doesn’t have a dedicated pdf reader. Nonetheless, I gave in and now am using okular. Time to retire evince.

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Some graphic viewers also handle PDF. I’m not sure how well the printing translates though, or which viewers are specifically made for Gnome.

Okular is generally recognized as the goto, nonetheless.

Okay. This seems more than just an evince issue. I now get the same issue on Okular. Although, to complicate things, I did update those blacklisted packages right after installing okular.

EDIT: This is new… I did a print right now and it printed an extra blank page at the end? Never had that happen before. Something is definitely wrong here

Arch does not patch sources and neither do Manjaro.

The printing engine is fed a pagebreak where none is expected. This can occur for a variety of reasons and there is no way of determining what is the case for you.

While I can understand the frustration - sometimes there is little to do.

Not so long ago I was frustrated when the web application I develop/maintain at the company I work for began doing exactly that.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue but after a couple of weeks of frustration it turned out the html/css print properties which didn’t work before - suddenly worked with certain browser versions e.g. firefox 118.1 but not 118.0 and edge being the only browser actually doing it right until it didn’t.

It can be extremely difficult to locate where the culprit is located - but usually it is the application sending the data which is responsible - in this case it is Evince and then it is part of acdtively developered Gnome project.

So head over to Issues · GNOME / evince · GitLab and see if the issue is know - and do what you must do …

The issue is there with Okular as well… So maybe theres something wrong with something other than evince or okular. A common denominator if you will. Could you guide me in which packages manage printing and I could try downgrading them to earlier versions if necessary

Evince as well as Okular are just frontends for poppler library, the former for GTK the latter for Qt. So they are basically the same app for different DEs. Try something that is not based on poppler. For example, Foxit from AUR.

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This seems promising. I tried foxit but it didn’t have a key feature I needed so I tried PDF studio viewer. And for now, It’s working awesomely. I’ll test further and update a few days later. Seems like poppler was the issue. Which would also explain why WPS office worked fine. It’s also closed source just like foxit and PDF studio so it would make sense that they don’t use poppler

Fair reasoning.

I’m glad you found a solution. Cheers. :partying_face:

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