Primary name server changed from specified DHCP setting after update today

Same symptom for a laptop and a desktop, both were working until after the reboot following the update.

Before the update the primary name server was (DHCP from Pi-hole) and after the update network manager showed an apparently random internet based e.g. LAN IP on the desktop and currently on my laptop, for LAN IP and Wi-Fi.
Another one I noted earlier was and

I don’t seem to be able use the configuration utility to point it back to the internal address of pi-hole and I’m a bit concerned about what DNS settings my systems are using.

I’m not sure what to do about this, where to look and that, but I’d like to get it working again as it did previously.

Kernel 6.1.12-1 let me know if I need to provide more info.

All the best.

Are you using KDE? Then this seems relevant:

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… this is so strange a thing that it could ever have made it’s way into a somewhat stable environment without being detected …
it has been detected now …

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Yes! In on both machines. Thats what i’m seeing, you have no idea how relieved I am.

I’ll check out the links to see if theres a mitigation procedure.

Much appreciated.

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I spent awhile thinking my systems were compromised :sob:

“Very bizarre behavior. I checked all my logs, took Wireshark traces, all traffic looks normal. It’s just the Widget that seems to be displaying an erroneous address.”

Hopefully thats the case and it’s fixed in a jiffy.

That would be my first reaction to, seeing a strange DNS server is disconcerting and cause for alarm.

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