Premature end of file amd-ucode.img

Manjaro repo: Unstable

Upgraded all packages with pamac. Rebooted. Now after GRUB, blackscreen shows up only. It says:

error: premature end of file /@/boot/amd-ucode.img

Press any key to continue..._

Seems like it is dead-locked in this state. Keyboard non-responding. Ctrl+Alt+F2 changing TTY does not do anything.

Changing normal kernel versions doesn’t help.

Fallback kernel initramfs boots up. Will try to reinstall amd-ucode package.

Reinstalling amd-ucode package in pamac fixed the problem.

Likely reason is that pamac was SIGKILL’ed by me while it was updating the system.

If you did that, which you should never ever do to anything while updating, then you will have %99.9999 more problems ahead…
Because you interrupt the update while it is changing stuff on your system…


The reason I did was that I needed all CPU for myself fast and update was taking long time due to slow internet. And there is no soft-stop/pause button in pamac. And you can’t cancel. So I killed it.

Pamac should have stop button to finish installing current package and don’t update others anymore.

Programming rule 101: If long-running process cannot be stop, it will be killed by the user harshly anyways. So cancellation should be built-in.

Reality rule 101:
You should NEVER forcefully interrupt any process without accepting the consequences unless the house is on fire…
In which case you will have better things to do anyhow.

Your logic is like: “Lets kill this disk operation process cause it takes too long.”
Sure you CAN, but is it the fault of the programmer not to build-in a cancel operation for that?
Some things are meant to be NOT interrupted by design…

You should not perform system updates while gaming etc…

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I have different opinion on that. Well-rounded software should have integrity protection against power loss. It is not a must. Yes it is costly to make and is not priority, but should exist at some point of time.

I have timeshift auto btrfs-snapshots which are selectable in grub menu, so it’s not emergency in case system really brokes after update…

Thanks for your opinion input anyways.

No software can protect vs that, that’s why there are UPS’s…
Not needed but saves your system from disasters if it happens.

Anyhow, you have your mind-set, you live with your actions :wink:

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