Error after installation | Premature end of file amd-ucode.img

After the installation of the latest Manjaro Sway Edition, I ran into the following error:

error: premature end of file /@/boot/amd-ucode.img

Press any key to continue...

So there was no possibility to load another kernel etc. since this was a fresh install. I found another thread here, but this was due to a failed update of an existing system.

To solve this issue I did the following:

  1. install Manjaro Sway
  2. do not reboot after installation
  3. open a terminal and install arch-install-scripts (or use manjaro-chroot as suggested in the comments below)
    sudo pamac install arch-install-scripts
    – this will make the tool arch-chroot available
  4. chroot into your fresh install
    • check where your install drive is mounted (e.g. cat /proc/mounts)
    • sudo arch-chroot /PATH/TO/MOUNT
  5. pamac reinstall amd-ucode
  6. (optional) full system update
  7. reboot

For future references:

  • I tested the install ISOs manjaro-sway-22.1.2-240324-linux66.iso and manjaro-sway-22.1.2-240310-linux66.iso (a slightly older one to quickly check if the problem is newly introduced). Both have the same problem (at my machine).
  • my install parameters: swap to file, btrfs, encrypted
  • CPU (x86_64): AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with Radeon Graphics
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The issue was resolved as stated in the initial post.

Manjaro-chroot is present on the Live ISO. I don’t see any need to install arch-tools. Manjaro has those too, if you want to use em on your installed system.
Scroll halfway on this page: GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader - Manjaro

On behalf of others who might face this, thanks for the fix.

Thanks for your reply! I added manjaro-chroot to the initial post (I didn’t know about that tool).

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