Postgres 13 to 14 upgrade not smooth


The last upgrade gave me a lot of headaches. There was a major update of PostgreSQL 13 to 14 without any warning.
The following steps I needed to do in order to have my development environment back on track:

  1. To create a dump I first had to remove PostgreSQL 14 and Postgis.
  2. Install Postgresql13 from AUR
  3. Download and compile latest postgis from source against Postgresql 13.
  4. Connect back to my db and create a pg_dumpall of my data.
  5. Remove postgres13 and postgis.
  6. Install postgressql 14 back + postgis.
  7. Then initdb a new place for the db and import back the dump.
  8. point all config files to the new db location. In my case /data/postgresql/14

It’s solved but was definitely not smooth. Maybe because I used pacsrv but a big fat warning would be advisable during a major PostgreSQL version update.

Hope this helps anyone facing the same problem.

(I didn’t mention this but along with the postgis I also had to compile sequential-uuids and RUM-index addons)

I fully agree, furthermore the announcement page points to the detailed list of all changes for testing and does not contain PostgreSQL14.I’ve been lucky enough to run pamac checkupdates --aur in advance and checked this list for postgres.

I upgraded postgres 13 to 14 too, but it has no issue for me.