Possible to remove multilib support from x86_64?

How would one go about removing multilib support? I do not have a use for 32-bit libraries, as far as I know anyway. Would it be as simple as:

$ sudo pacman -Rsc multilib-devel

Or would this be a train-wreck and I should leave well enough alone?

Take a system back up before you attempt this:

First you need to remove all the software that might need lib32 libraries. Such as Steam, Wine etc.

Then you remove the lib32-* packages you have left. Be aware, that this might take out some Manjaro specific meta packages, like manjaro-pulse, manjaro-alsa, manjaro-printer etc.

If that works well after a reboot, you can open /etc/pacman.conf and comment out the [multilib] section.


I successfully removed mulitilib support from three installations, they all went very smoothly.
Thank you!

Edit: I did use the pacman command above to remove the packages and it worked as expected.

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