How to install video drivers without lib32 components

Back in July, after reading possible-to-remove-multilib-support
I removed everything lib32 from my system,
and commented out the [multilib] section in pacman.conf

Removing lib32-nvidia-utils and lib32-vulkan did not trigger a rebuild of the kernel,
but kernel updates have caused rebuilds since then,
so the active drivers are 64-bit only, and everything seems to be OK.

Recently I used mhwd to remove nvidia (now 495xx),
then when I tried to install video-nvidia-470xx it said
pacman failed, because it didn’t get lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils.

So I left it with only video-linux installed, and nouveau is currently the video driver.

Nouveau is fine, except when monitoring DVB TV in Kaffeine (seems to be a VLC problem).
This is not a big deal for me, so there’s no hurry to answer the questions below,
I’m happy to wait for answers that are definite, clear, and complete (hopefully).

Is it OK to comment out the 32-bit parts of MHWDCONFIG files?
If so, can you point to all the files that need to be edited?

Alternatively, can I skip mhwd and use pacman directly,
to install only linux510-nvidia-470xx and nvidia-470xx-utils, for example?

After doing that while nouveau is the active driver,
will I need to tell the system to use nvidia-470 on next boot?
How? (Is this what blacklist is for?)

Is this going to be a can of worms?
or is there a straightforward way to do it?

When answering, please be aware that
I can find my way around the file system and use sudoedit,
but I don’t understand complex shell scripts, and have rarely compiled anything.