Pop shell toggle in layouts doesn't work

I have been trying to turn on windows tiling(pop shell) in layouts but even after turning it on nothing happens, no icon shows up in the top bar.

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Your profile says you’re using Xfce. Just making sure, are you using GNOME?

yeah I just changed to gnome yesterday, I will update it.

Open Extensions and see if Pop Shell is enabled. The toggle in Layouts works for me.

I don’t see a toggle for pop shell in the extensions, the one in layouts is turned on.

Hmm, I thought it was supposed to automatically install any missing extensions.
EDIT: Pop Shell is no longer installed by default on newer ISOs.

Well, just install it from Add/Remove Software or via terminal:

pamac install gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell

Thank you, its working now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Muchas gracias amigo!

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