How to activate Pop-Shell not on 21.0.5 GNOME?

Hello, I am new to Manjaro and just installed 21.0.5 GNOME on an Ideapad Flex 5. However, I can not enable window tiling / Pop-Shell. I found a toggle button in Layouts Switcher/Settings which I can toggle on and close the window, but it on does not work. Tilling is not enabled and the toggle button if back in the off-position when I reopen Layouts Switcher and check. Any ideas?

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Possible solution for your issue: Relevant info

So that means the extension was not installed. I noticed it wasn’t listed in Extensions but didn’t think about installing it because the toggle button was available. A good lesson for me… excellent, thanks for the hint! :+1:

Pop-Shell is broken, so we dropped it.