[Poll] What editions should we support?

We have been running the current supported editions for a while, so we wanted input from the community to see if we should change it up a bit.

KDE Plasma and XFCE are going to stay.

We have the option to change a couple of editions, so please vote for ones you would like to see as pre-made images. The others will still be available in the Manjaro ARM Installer.
Only Editions deemed stable are mentioned.

  • i3 (current)
  • Sway (current)
  • Minimal
  • Server
  • LXQT
  • MATE

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Up for the poll :-)
Why don’t you pinned the poll on the top?

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Not everything needs to be pinned though. :slight_smile:

How would the server and minimal images differ?

Also, could I suggest Budgie as an addition to the list?

Server edition is a minimal edition with LAMP and Docker.

We don’t have a Budgie edition, so not possible.

On the first point I am interested too …
If minimal is suitable to build into server … then I dont see a need for the redundancy.
In fact … minimal would be my personal desire of base in the groupings … it should ensure all other things are technically possible.

As to the second point (regardless of suggestion) … it would be a bit late for that to not create inaccurate results.

Fair point.

With this in mind I have changed my vote … Minimal and LXQT it is then.
(anyone desiring to operate a server should be able to install minimal and add LAMP)