Plex-htpc failed to launch

Plex-htpc failed to launch -
Familiar error /opt/plex-htpc/bin/Plex: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I won’t fix it because plex-media=player still works fine (actually better, because it doesn’t crash over turning on subtitles).

Check the comments for both plex-htpc and plex-desktop.

Where? I checked AUR and found no mention of

I haven’t checked out ‘plex-desktop’ package, I had plex-media-player - which still works, but the trouble is with the new app plex-htpc.

I’ll take a look at that…

And I found that there’s a flatpak for Plex-HTPC - though it, too, doesn’t work quite right (loses the themed mouse cursor, and doesn’t hide the mouse cursor when playing video).

Thanks for the prompt.

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