Please help me in manjaro Linux kde installation

Hi everyone, It appears that the manjaro Linux installer is unable to detect free space partition on my disk. Will you please help me? I had been using Garuda Linux on this partition before and now that I have removed Garuda Linux to replace it with majaro I am facing issues
Installer says there are no partitions to install on.

so in the live usb, open kde partition manager, and check if it detects it, if yes, try to unmount the partition you want to install manjaro

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Sounds like you have used btrfs.

Garuda prefer btrfs.

Either you learn how to handle btrfs or you need to zap your disk.

The latter I can suggest - boot the live ISO - open a terminal and locate your device and run (replace sdx with the actual device - nvme, emmc, sd)

sgdisk --zap-all /dev/sdx

Plasma has a setting which conflicts on some ISOs

You may need to navigate to System SettingsHardwareRemovable StorageRemovable Devices → Uncheck Automount for All Known Devices OnLogin and OnAttach