Please design LiveCD run-time environment to pass-through Windows formatting of a drive


It is just a re-transmission of the issue which was met by other user: Cannot run Manjaro Live from USB ans asking to try to fix the issue the user met in the past on their way to load Manjaro LiveCD.

Unfortunately I have other details on it except the linked thread contains.

Looks like Win10 formatting result somehow prevents Manjaro LiveCD to boot up: LiveCD loads fine if to eject the SSD physically from PC, and can’t be loaded if to insert SSD back.

It is one of weirdest things possibly prevents users to even load Manjaro live environment. Possible nowadays state is: “I heard than Manjaro is worth to try. Ok, let’s see… Hm, I won’t even to load LiveCD. B*ll sh** distro. What other OS to try?..”.
Fixing it (at least a theoretical try to implement a fix) could increase Manjaro Linux OS usage share.


I don’t really see what the issue is here. If the SSD is connected or not, has nothing to do with the Manjaro ISO booting or not. It can boot on computers that have no harddrive at all.

So do you have any suggestions as to what could be changed (new packages to add) to the ISO to make this edge-case work as expected?

I tried to note it:

But if to read the first post of OP of linked thread, the user tells the opposite:

No. I do not know ISO boot up process in details. So can’t suggest the exact fix to implement.

Should I do not report complicated cases: to do not light them up to Manjaro team, if I - as typical user - can’t suggest to maintainers the exact solution to them?
It is not a mess of (bug reports) and (bug fixes) stuff? Previously I though that a report is a problem description, while a fix is an exact implementation suggestion of how to prevent an issue.
If you need the bug fix, I do not have a suggestion to implement.

I did not know that you have statistics of most bug cases users meet which prevent them to load LiveCD environment.

Of course if it is 1 in a million case - as you said - I should not report it. Sorry to bother Manjaro team on this case.

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