Please change the login menu

Please change the login menu layout to this:

It can be absolutely infuriating how that stupid little “skip password” popup appears and interferes when you just wanna hit ‘tab’ to get to the password prompt…

But no, instead you select this ‘skip password’ thing and start typing out your password and before you know it one of the characters for your password somehow triggers your browser to think you wanted to click that stupid little button that I bet nobody even uses. Then you have to go back, and type your username and password again… Not fun.

So… Please move that button to a more sensible position so that people who like to use the tab button to jump from the username box to the password box can actually do so normally.


Manjaro’s forum runs on the Discourse platform so you’d be better off filing a bug there (=“upstream”).



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Doesn’t seem worth the effort to me, as far as I’m concerned this is a problem with the manjaro forums, i’m not invested enough to create an account on some random website just to report this issue.

It’s not a problem with the Manjaro forum, specifically. It’s a problem with the software Manjaro uses for the forum.

Not something we can control.

I understand.

But it’s something the user can control!

@rabcor Add this entry to your uBlock / AdBlock custom filter list:

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:



It now works with TAB and autofill. :+1: Try it out yourself!


Now there’s an actual solution I can get behind, can’t believe I didn’t realize that myself, considering how much I actually use this function of ublock in my day to day browsing.

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