Please add memtest with UEFI support to Manjaro

How about finally adding UEFI memtest (v5+) to manjaro? :slight_smile:


Starting from MemTest86 v5, the code was re-written to support self-booting from the newer UEFI platform. The software still remains free to use without restrictions. The MemTest86 v4 project is still maintained and remains open source, for use on old machines with BIOS. However, from V5 with the latest release being V8.3 the software is being released under a proprietary license. Development on the MemTest86+ version seems to be discontinued as there have been no updates since 2013.

Yes I know… PassMark version has proprietary license :frowning:

but there is some action also in after 7 years. :slight_smile: 5.31b is being worked on :slight_smile:

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The license needs to allow redistribution - have you checked it that is so?

And would such inclusion be of any use to the broader audience - I mean - I know memtest exist - in my 30 years with computers - I have used it once - just to see what it was about - never touched it since.

How do you troubleshoot then possible memory issues? Lucky you when everything always works :slight_smile:
I usually after every new build run memtest 24h to be sure the ram is ok. Especially when trying out tighter timings or OC. Also, you already have memtest inside the manjaro package and in official repos. the problem is that it’s only available for BIOS users as is (which is not exactly majority of Manjaro users today IMHO … maybe like 10+ years ago it was so, but did we even have Manjaro back then?)

It seems memtest86-efi exists in the AUR…

I took it for a spin and it seemed to work well at creating the entry and such.
(didnt actually run the memtest though)


given, it’s AUR … and messing possibly with grub… and not Arch, but Manjaro… and everything else…
and even running it gives in red letters:

This script is unofficial, written by an AUR (Arch User Repository) user. Use it at YOUR OWN RISK.

then … yeah I would like some Manjaro official version :smiley:

Would be nice to have a memtest version we could start from within sd-boot as an entry :wink:

The memory I have trouble with what is between my :ear: :brain: :ear: there’s no memtest for that :grin:

That is a use case :grin: I don’t overclock things - I have never been a gamer - but I do remember that we in the early days of personal computers - did try to pass the 640K barrier with emm386, stacker and the likes.

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@deemon: Why should the developers assume the ‘risk’

that you seem unwilling to make? Fork the PKGBUILD, then test, test, test. Then do a PR to Manjaro’s gitlab.

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I gave it a spin also. Installed fine, ran also fine, but because it’s PassMark “free” version with many things turned off, yet still in GUI and when you click, promoting “Pro version”… I wouldn’t put that particular piece of software into Manjaro officially. Lets hope the version turns out better than the PassMark ad-ware.

Thanks for trying it out, i never trust software with build-in advertisements.
If someone takes the efforts of putting advertisements in a software that has none as original who knows what else they put in…

cough, cough…Balena Etcher…cough, cough