Plasma startup spinner corrupted on AMD

Hi, I am experiencing a not serious but weird screen corruption with the latest plasma on AMD hardware.

After I enter my password in sddm, I should see a splash screen with a spinner on the bottom until plasma is started.

However, on the AMD machine, I see a pixelated square spinning in place of the correct spinner. This happens both with sddm in X11 mode or in Wayland mode.

On another machine with the same software setup (approximately) but Intel graphics (in fact a very old Haswell), everything is OK.

Any clue?

The spinner is created by Plymouth and plymouth uses kms.

Please verify your settings - you should have kms in hooks just after modconf


Perhaps you need to add amdgpu to the modules array → see Kernel mode setting - ArchWiki for more info

I do not think that this is the plymouth splash, but the ksplash (the plasma splash screen). Further tests reveal that the issue only happens with the “breath” ksplash, not with “breeze” or “oxigen”. Weird enough, if I try the preview this splash screen from the KDE system settings everything is fine. I have no idea about how the spinner works in breath, but it looks like there is an uninitialized buffer, so that the square box that gets rotated is random stuff (or stuff with a random alpha channel) rather than the correct spinner image.

Wonder if someone else is experiencing something similar and if it might be worth reporting to the breath developers.

You are right - my bad - I somehow didn’t realise it was after login.

Is your system using the default breath 6 or breeze 6 theme ?

If you are not use please try changing the splash from one to another breeze or breath and apply in between.

The two are actually the same - except for the background :slight_smile:

The plot is thickening ;-). I have sddm-breath-theme version 24.0.0-3 showing the issue. If I switch to breeze, that gives me not just a different background, but also a “smaller” spinner that works fine. If I understand correctly, breeze does not have a dedicated sddm-breeze-theme package.

Funny enough, if I use the sddm theme preview option from the system setting, most of the time breath shows the spinner correctly there, but not quite all the time.

Is the breath theme a Manjaro specific package based on breeze but with more pleasant looking and better integrated with the manjaro visual style?

Should I open an issue on

You could try - I am not sure you can though - something with registration disabled - as spammers began to abuse it - and legitimate registrations is drowning in the spam queue.

I have not seen what you describe on any of my systems.

As I recall it - the Breath version is just a visual variant of Breeze.

And just to be sure - you are referring to the Plasma 6 which was snapped a few days ago to stabel - right?

The spinner is a two half circles spinning - right ?

Yes, using plasma 6 on stable.

The spinner is two ~ 120 degrees portions of a circle facing each other. On breeze, the spinner is a small gear. The gear in breeze is significantly smaller than the spinner in breath and I wonder if the size might play a role.

What is strange is that the breath spinner is broken on the newer AMD system which should have good graphics drivers, but works fine on an old haswell laptop with integrated graphics, where the drivers start to miss some features.

Indeed - especially because I run an x13 gen.4 AMD (7840u) with no issues.

My system uses 6.6 on unstable branch - no that it matter much as stable had yet another snap May 18. so the difference is neglible.

I’ll try to get a video with the mobile phone if that can be useful… My system has both an integrated and a discrete card (hybrid graphics) and I believe is booting with the integrated one which should be a Radeon 680M.

Its been reported a bunch of places.
Its not a problem of the animation mechanism.
Switch to any other animation and see.
Its just a problem of the “Breath” one - a theme that was quickly ported to plasma6 and still is not complete.

Is there any formal bug report to follow?

Not that I could just find. Just a bunch of different threads and posts.
I guess the gitlab is probably the place.

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Found it myself, should have searched better before: Problem with Breath Splash Screen after upgrade to 6