Plasma applications are crashing (segmentation fault core dumped)

x11 is not working properly after the 2 most recent updates. Any qt/plasma application crashes.
Resetting plasma config to default didn’t help.
I receive the following error message:

segmentation fault (core dumped)

And the meta key no longer opens the Application dashboard. Instead, it opens the application menu.

That’s because you cleared the plasma config. You’ll have to reset it to use the Application Dashboard. Right click on menu icon >> Show Alternatives >> and choose Dashboard.

I already recreated my bars.
In my bottom dock I have the dashboard, in my top bar I have the application menu.

Also, I have alt+F1 as a shortcut defined to open my dashboard and no shortcut for the application menu.

create a new test user, reboot, log in with it, and see if it has also the same issues

The new test user works flawlessly.
Is there any way to reset all plasma related things without touching anything else?

in the main user try running this:
cd ~/.config; mv plasma* Plasma_backup
if it didnt helped, rename these folders:
.cache and .config
.cache.bak and .config.bak

I already did (prior to starting this thread)

for j in plasma*; do mv – “$j” “${j%}.bak”; done

So I probably have to delete/rename .cache and .config
Both folders are quite big (50 and 150 entries), so it will be painful but probably necessary.

@bahma Thanks

yes rename them, but do one at a time, reboot and see

Any success?

Not yet… I already renamed them all and still had this issue.

I either have to go with a) new user b) fresh install or c) live with wayland and not use screenshareing tools.

I have more Info which might help us.

This issue only happens when my 2nd external display is connected.

I thought it’s a scaling issue and set all scaling to 100.

This actually fixed my issue.
Now my only other issue is that the meta key doesn’t start the application daschboard anymore.

I could fix this issue by swapping the application dashboard and the application menu.

My top bar now contains the dashboard (previously menu) and my bottom bar now contains the application menu (previously it contained the dashboard).

@vivasteve @brahma @jcorporon Thanks for your help and support guys. I marked the issue as solved.

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