Plasma 6: Restart and Shutdown not working


After the update to Plasma 6 conventional Restart and Shutdown via Plasma GUI stopped working. Just hangs on the empty wallpaper. If my configs are relevant, please tell me what exactly I should publish.

I use X11 with i3 WM. The configuration inherited from Plasma 5 apparently works. Actually, when I click Restart, the KDE Panel vanishes, but i3 status bar remains. I can start my desktop console and run sudo shutdown -r now.

I suppose the post sank before being seen by the people in the know :blush:. Understandably, taking into account the nature of the upgrade.

The only hint that I discovered myself looks like the last resort. A bit drastic. Do I have to start with this?

You still need to do this no matter how much you dont want to.

Same goes for needing to use addons (icons,themes,widgets,etc) that are compatible with plasma 6.


> rm -rf ~/.cache/*

Got a lot of free space, but that’s all. The desktop looks good (as good as before), but no Restart for me.

I think, i3 is hijacking the restart business after the upgrade to Plasma 6. With i3 key bindings all works as before. Nothing lethal, just a bit untidy.

Maybe something broke, while you updated?

How did you update? Did you log out and stopped SDDM before you update with TTY?

$ yay -Syu

Then reboot. As always.

Well i just did the update on my AMD CPU/GPU Laptop with Manjaro/KDE.

All what i did was:
1.Fresh start
2.Log out
3.crtl+alt+f3 to open TTY
4.sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack
5.sudo systemctl stop sddm
6.sudo pacman -Syu
and spammed Y to replace everything

Im NOT even deleted ./cache or reseted ./config stuff, on my 4year’s old home user account. I’m not even switched any of my Theme to default, that i downloaded from the KDE Store, everything is still customised, but few icon’s are missing.

Restart from taskbar is working flawless here from the taskbar.
Maybe you need under SDDM Settings, Empty session activate.

~/.cache and ~/.config cleanup didn’t make any difference in my case, too.

The SDDM thing I can’t understand. What checklist would you suggest in my case, with the upgrade already done?

Do you mean KDE System Settings > SDDM? I can’t see any Session there.

The lost option at the max bottom.

System Settings>Sessions>Desktop Session and start with a empty session.

Doesn’t make any difference, either.

Unselected Log out Screen under session.

Colours & Themes> Login Screen (SDDM)> Breath
And Splash Theme> None

Restart your system and check the result after it.

Its only hangs there, but the whole system isn’t freezing, so you can still force TTY and restart your system instead Power Off?