Plasma 6 looks awful

Yeah i know, even if i don’t like it… it can maybe help, i got it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can you confirm if Transparency effect is fully gone now in Plasma6? :frowning:

Do you mean Translucency effect? It wasn’t removed.


I mean this visual effect for Terminal/Taskbar:

TBH i can’t remember how in the past i activated this Transparency effect, but it isn’t Blur only… and the Transluency effect is unchecked for me when i look at desktop effects menue.

You can achieve certain level of transparency in panel and widgets using the default Breeze theme, but it won’t reach that level you showed in the above image.

You should find a Plasma 6 theme that supports that transparent look.


Plasma 6 doesn’t look awful for me, in fact it looks almost identical to Plasma 5 except for a few tray icons that come from the icon theme I’m using.

I avoided much headaches because I was using the Oxygen theme and icons on Plasma 5 and same with Plasma 6.

I haven’t read the stable release announcements (since I’m on unstable) but I believe if it wasn’t mentioned, it should be, that for KDE users it might be a good idea to reset to default KDE settings (using Breeze) before proceeding with the update, especially if there were a lot of customizations.


Yes, I did it the first time and I did it again now. I still have the problems that I showed you. The issues are mostly related to the panel, so notifications, all the menus and so on.

I was tired and I just ran the commands from here like to install it from zero. Now it seems everything is ok, I really wonder what went wrong to make such a mess

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Unfortunately, seems I won’t be able to run this:

This is what truly made Nemo look beautiful for me.

Transparency in konsole is done within the konsole’ settings

For the taskbar, i don’t know, i was using xfce before Plasma 6 :slight_smile:


Why on earth use nemo on KDE?

@Kobold panel transparency is either a … panel option, or decided by your plasma style.


No, there is a problem with the icon rendering in Plasma 6, but it can be remedied.

The solution is to switch to another icon theme and back, and then you must hover the mouse over the problematic icons, and then they will render properly. The problem however is that it must be done again after every login.

It is disabled by default — a decision the KDE developers made (quite lamely) while still on Plasma 5 due to somebody having some problem with it when they were using the radeon driver, I think. You can re-enable it, though, and it has never been problematic for myself.

As for the panel — it is called “a panel”, @ChrisCanyon, and the task bar is only a widget on the panel :stuck_out_tongue: — as others have said, this depends on your chosen Plasma style. Also, and again as others have said, Konsole translucency must be set under the appearance section in your Konsole profile.

Given that you seem to prefer something glossy and black, I would recommend the KDE-supplied (and thus already installed) Oxygen Plasma style. It’s translucent and the translucency has a gradient in it, like looking through black glass.

Anyway, plenty of translucency (with blur) here at my end… :wink: :point_down:

It has smaller distances between thumbnails, is said to handle a large number of files better, has a useful checksums addon, is a remnant of my Mint days that I just got too used too. Plus what I can’t do without: Split View and then tabs on both sides which apparently Dolphin can’t create.

Just change the global theme to default in System Settings > Appearance?

Well, I can eliminate that one from the list:

Dolphin: Right-click a file → Choose Properties → Go to Checksums (tab) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course, your Nemo addon might be also able to make expresso…

Not that it matters much, but it the tab isn’t there by default.

espresso? No, but a whirlpool for me :smiley:


With a fresh upgrade (to a lightly modified VM) it was, and with those same four defaults

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Might be, I played around with Dolphin’s config gui a lot. Can’t find it now where to get it in Settings/Context Menu.

I don’t have the Basic, OpenWith or Image tabs, either - I think you’re right - now, I want those. :sweat_smile:

Well I do have it too! It’s just not on every file format. On a Jpg, I get the Checksums tab in Dolphin and 4 widespread options too, as well on .iso.
So here yeah almost parity.

Dolphin is more beautiful, admitting.


You can zoom in and zoom out in Dolphin. There’s a slider at the bottom, or you can simply use the generic Ctrl+ and Ctrl-.

Dolphin can do that too. I’ve done it before in Dolphin as well, even back in Plasma 5.x.

On a first glimpse and too after fiddling with it for several hours, I really gotta admit that I can not at all recreate my rice, not even near, on my upgraded laptop. It’s not that 6 is ugly, but in this glitchy state (I can surely list things later, it starts with default pointer above size 48… ) I will have to try a new user, or a reinstall.
Wayland with Nvidia 390 :joy:
Thank you for making X11 default as the above combo is a joke.
All I get is a blinking tyy cursor for 2sec and it logs me back straight out (like it’s always had been).

Hint too: I didn’t uninstall splash screens or all widgets but did disable and set to default things to the utmost and too did recommendations for /.cache and ./config while rebooting before and after lot too.

I might have to reconsider many options for my desktop in the upcoming weeks if things don’t get better there :thinking:

Edit: Creating a new user and a Force Blur script from Github, actually 2, are getting me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Dolphin can do tabs yes, but if you want a split view (F3) with 2+ tabs on each side that you can skip through, you can’t do that. The tabs will show on the left only and for each tab, you get only one option per tab on “the right side of F3”. I have to propose “pics or didn’t happen”…

You can open 2 dolphin instances and position them well on the desktop then you can have as many tabs right and left, if you want to recreate that workflow.

You’re right Dolphin is much better here actually regarding gaps. Plus in total it is of course more eyecandy.