Plasma 6 looks awful

Hi, an hour ago more or less I was making a system update but something went wrong and had to force poweroff. I then had the file “/boot/linuz…” not found problem, I did manjaro-chroot, completed the update and then managed to boot again.
But then, after logged it, I found out that plasma changed a lot like in the images you can see. My question is: is plasma 6 really ugly like this in manjaro (especially for the non existing borders, the sharp edges and so on) or I made a mess somewhere? And if I made a mess, what could I do to fix plasma and make it look like it should?


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I not upgraded yet, but many people recommend to delete or rename .cache folder


Clear your things and make sure to use compatible addons.

You cannot continue using the same things from plasma 5.

To clear cache and reset desktop etc (highly recommended for big upgrades or wonky desktop):


I slightly augmented your title.
In the future please strive to inquire or request assistance rather than make quick denunciations.


Sorry, maybe I could have written it more appropriately.
Nevertheless, I tried the solutions in your link but nothing changed. I don’t think they just released an update like this, everything looks just wrong. What I want to understand is if I made a mess in some way or if it’s supposed to be like this

If you performed the commands in the link then your desktop should have largely ‘reset’.
Because configs and cache would have been removed.

In any case make sure that whatever themes you are using have been updated and/or are plasma 6 versions.

The transparency stuff I believe also changed around. Make sure to check your panel options and ‘effects’ like blur.

You could try creating a new user and comparing the appearance.

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Yes, the desktop did reset but the panel stuff still looks bad, with no spacings, wrong alignments, and so on.
I mean, maybe it’s just how the update is, but I don’t think that they would have released a thing like this

Apart from a lot of free space on your bottom panel, your tiny Onboard icon and the particles in your lower notifications, the alignments of/spacing between the icons does not look wrong to me. ((Ok, I never liked non-monochrome icons in the system tray between the monochrome ones, but this is said to have become better in 6.))
Do what is suggested above, after that, select the Breath or Breeze as global theme in System Settings > Appearance, logout, login, if it is still there: remove the temperature widget in panel and also the system monitor (where it’s showing 18% in your screenshot), then reboot.
If it still looks wrong size-wise to you, try making the panel bigger/fatter or smaller.

Could you please show us with accuracy what’s goes wrong with your screenshots ?
I do not see any issue. I have Plasma 6 since several weeks being on testing branch. It’s highly customizable. You could try some Plasma themes to see if they changes things according to your taste.

I personally does not recommend you to use Global themes, but rather to modify each element individually : Plasma, Colors, Client-side and so on.
Global themes can be dangerous because it’s not only icons and color palettes, there are some scripts…so potential issues.


I reckon Plasma 6 looks pretty good:

Desktop theme: Peace-Color-Plasma
Colors: CyberHack
Icons: BeautyLine Full
Text plasmoids: Command Output [Plasma 6]

Note: the widget showing zero wifi usage runs a script every 30 seconds that displays the vnstat for either my ethernet, wifi or combined usage - I haven’t used wifi this month:




choice=$(shuf -i 1-20 -n 1)

if ((choice <= 8)); then

vndisplay=$(vnstat -s -i ${eth});

elif ((choice >= 9 && choice <= 12)); then

vndisplay=$(vnstat -s -i ${wifi});

elif ((choice >= 13 && choice <= 20)); then

vndisplay=$(vnstat -s -i ${eth}+${wifi})


printf "%s\n" "${vndisplay}"

exit 0


As you can see in the images, there are:

  • no background for the monitor selection menu
  • volume icons unaligned to the text
  • text and icons of the menus stuck to the borders with no spacing

I think something broke somewhere. I’m using the breath dark theme, so no custom theme, and it should look like in the following images (I installed manjaro plasma on virtualbox and did the same updates).

Is there a way to restore plasma theme and appearance like it is after a fresh install?

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After struggling a little with Plasma 6, I ended up doing a complete spring clean… I completely started from scratch, instead of importing everything I went back to the default themes, icons, fonts etc. and basically started again.

Clearing .cache helped.

.local/share/applications - the shortcut for meld needed removing for it to work properly, then on the next update I had a nice popup inviting me to handle my pacnew files, compare them (with Meld) and no problems.

Some shortcuts have changed - stuff moved from ‘Ctrl’ to ‘Meta’ and so you’ll have to re-learn and maybe change a few other things if they affect you too.

Yes, it’s a PITA. All software sucks, but as things move forward there are always some papercuts… then it sucks a little less than it did before (mostly).

For me, Plasma 6 looks okay, Wayland isn’t so bad - but still we have no built in Mouse Gestures - which is the biggest regression I experienced since 2007.

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I can tell that either your icon theme is partial, out of date, or otherwise not fully applied.

You appear to be using some form of papirus, but many icons are missing (and fall back to breeze in some cases).

If you like papirus then maybe check my fork. It is complete and ready for plasma 6.

And I must point out

Are you sure you followed the steps there?

  • .bak-up items in ~/.config
  • delete ~/.config/Trolltech.conf
  • delete ~/.cache
  • run kbuildsycoca6 --noincremental

After upgrading to Plasma 6, it’s best to start by creating a new user account, and try to use the default Breeze theme and icons, and don’t try to use any non built-in widget that isn’t compatible with Plasma 6.

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Starting new user account, is for me the same as reinstalling the full system.

All individual settings are stored in my user account… this would take for me at least 10-18hour’s to get everything working as i like it. :face_with_head_bandage:

I have a question, are the Transparency effect with KDE6 are fully gone now?
This looks like a big visual downgrade to me, if that is true…

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You can have kinda transparency back with playing with Blur effect : System Settings → Windows Management → Desktop Effects → Blur.

Then, all the Windows11-* Plasma themes add also some transparency to panels. Yes, Windows11, that’s ashamed :slight_smile:

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Uff BLUR isn’t Transparency at all, i use Transparency with additional Blur.
Blur only is a big downgrade! Compare to Plasma 5.

I mainly use Win7 Plasma themes, Win10/11 looks awful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Plasma 6 is a major upgrade, it’s like upgrading Windows 10 to 11, all your old configs, themes, icons, widgets are incompatible with the new version. And by using a new user, you will get rid of some annoying and non-reproducible bugs.

The update from Plasma4 to Plasma5 was almost flawless for me. Probably because i never used Virtual Desktop or Widgets (which has not changed for me).

But i had all stuff around “Appearance” enabled and Global Theme’s and everything around it, heavily costumed from the KDE Store (exluded splash screen/fonts which i never touched).
And it was still almost trouble free for me in all this year’s.

My user account on my PC/Laptop is 4 year’s old and never was deleted, while i had no bugs.

As a user like you, I just wanted to help you avoid the maximum of bugs, you are free to keep you user account :slight_smile:

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