[Plasma 6] Alpha testing

Plasma 6 Alpha

Manjaro has - for a long time had a repo kde-unstable - this repo has lived in the shadows - used by developers.

The repo is CI managed building daily


If you have the guts to participate in testing here is the recipe for switching your system to plasma 6.

:warning: :zap:
This is alpha - bumpy road ahead - steep cliffs to fall from …
beware - there be
:dragon: :dragon_face: :dragon:

If you are keen to test - please observe the following - it is alpha testing - the repo is rebuild daily using CI.

do not do this on your production system you may find it was that good an idea.

It is bleeding edge unstable - you literally walk the line - don’t drink and drive - you have been warned.

Switch your system to unstable branch - you must to be on the bleeding edge … and run a full system sync

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch unstable
sudo pacman -Syu

Edit your pacman.conf and place the following snippet between [core] and [extra] repo


SigLevel = PackageRequired
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist


Now run another full system sync

sudo pacman -Syu

Accept the changes proposed and complete the sync

Reboot your system

Focus on Manjaro specific applications - e.g.

  • Manjaro Settings Manager
  • The KCM module
  • The KCM tray notifier
  • Manjaro Hello
  • Manjaro Application Utility

Report your findings at the relevant repo https://gitlab.manjar.org/applications.

You can find the source URL using

pamac info <pkgname>

For Plasma developed packages please use the same approach - report at relevant package repo on bugs.kde.org.


I think it should just be noted that you shouldn’t expect or request assistance here, as it’s still extremely alpha, as you mentioned.



I think you meant Gitlab and not Gitlib.

:wink: :smile:

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The first beta is planed for 29/11. Will Manjaro make it available?

Plasma will come to Manjaro when the time is.

There is a CI buildbot for kde-unstable - it will be an adhoc experience.

For the time being is patience the recommended action.

Manjaro kde-unstable is very unstable. Plasma is very much in alpha state - especially on Manjaro.

If you must test Plasma 6 - then KaOS has a very good alpha iso with Plasma 6 - in fact this comment is written on a Tuxedo Infinitibook Pro running KaOS Plasma 6.

Archlinux made the beta version available.
Why is the breeze theme in the unstable repo not updated since August ?