Plasma 5.27 on stable branch?

Sure, they’re one of many who encountered and reported the issues as well. Here are the still standing ones even after 5.27.2 (since 5.27.0 only 5 bugs fixed). You can either go Testing or Unstable branch if you’re impatient, but Stable must be stable, and there are bugs preventing it from reaching that status.


…Relatively stable then for a rolling release… :point_up:

Sounds EXACTLY like what happened with the move from 5.24…

My advice:

If you want it that badly, go get it from Arch.

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Or use unstable branch


What’s weird is that my raspberry pi devices ( I have a 3, 3+, 4 GB 4 & 8 GB 4) upgraded to 5.27 yesterday but my desktop is still on 5.26.5

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Raspberry Pis use ARM instead of x86, which requires entirely different builds. Manjaro ARM rolled out 5.27 for stable branch on the 12th.


Who wants to make their whole system unstable for the need for an updated desktop? Be logical.

Also every version of KDE ever made has similar bug reports. The ones you need to pay attention to are the ones reported multiple times as those are probably real bugs and not the result of user errors.

That report can be found here: Most Frequently Reported Bugs

Note that most are crushed already.

This list is of the most critical only and I guess there are a few that could be annoying:

Bug List: VHI-priority Plasma bugs

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What happened on 5.24 to 5.25? I went through that change and noticed no problems that I can recall.

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Have a look here:


Lucky you :four_leaf_clover:

Plasma 5.27 fixed many bugs in 5.26 and is much more stable.


An additional reason for the delay is (my speculation) due to a delay on other parts of the stable update. I am on testing and we have had a number of issues with kernels during the past two weeks. The team is probably waiting for that to be sorted out, since they also want to update kernels with the update.


You can always switch branches to have newer packages. We even have a dedicated Plasma 5.24 repo if it is needed: GitHub - manjaro/plasma-5.24-lts: Binary Packages and PKGBUILDs for Plasma 5.24 LTS. This includes also install medias.

We have to see when the next stable update will come. Maybe in 2 - 5 weeks …


5.26 seems pretty stable already on my side, not a single hiccup…


Better to be safe than sorry, for sure. It seems to be a reasonable delay IMO to have a desktop that’s stable :+1:


Beautiful - 2 weeks, 5 weeks - MAYBE. This is a really great answer, and a bit more polite than just saying ‘when I feel like it…’.

As already stated, many times, everyone should be running decent snapshots and backups.

So everyone is welcome to jump onto another branch and test.

I’ve seen many folks who got impatient, they jump on testing, they jump on the bleeding edge, then they disappear (can’t admit they were wrong, maybe) and pop up - full of Vim - on one of a couple of other distributions.

Within a month, most have disappeared from those too.

In search of the Holy Grail… when it just isn’t there.


The operative word being maybe


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This is a lot of fuzz about nothing. Plasma 5.27 is a command line away. You can have it at any time you want. Just do a backup, switch to testing, update, switch to stable and voilà.

Manjaro is flexible to advanced users.

The operative word being advanced

A good song to listen to while switching branches:

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