Pipewire - Pulseeffects issues solved after Stable Update - 2021-04-09

After today’s use of topgrade, I saw a stable update with pipwire & pulseeffects evolutions.

Restart, launch pulseeffects, lauch shortwave… Nothing
Killall pulseeffects, restart both and… seems I have a working pulseeffects which kept settings

Do you ?

(I’ll check on next reboots)

[edit] Ooops, didn’t stand today’s boot.

Basically, it is silent, I have to reset settings, killall pulseeffects, reset niceness, limiter, maximizer, equalizer to have it somehow in working state.

When I check pulseaudio volume, I see “unknown outputs” -“sortie inconnue” even if working

Surprisingly, I’ve had 3 reboots since last post and PulseEffects started ok. (Keeping the settings and acquiring all sound inputs)

Thus, I change (again) the title of the thread to “solve”.

Hoping that the issue is not me giving a title to this thread and PulseEffects contrary reacting…

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