How & why do you use bauh?

Well, I use it as a multi-package manager, multi distros (I indeed use it’s pip version on Manjaro & on Debian).

I install Flatpacks, AppImages and… PWAs (very interesting since Firefox dropped SSB as it’s a very good way to avoid installing them with Chrome or it’s erzats (Brave, Vivaldi, Opera…)

How do you use bauh ?
how do you manage those packages if not with bauh ?

[Note] I use Gimp via Flatpak as I use Photogimp

Have you tried topgrade? I’m not certain if it will fit your needs, it works well for me (but I try NOT use flatpaks & appimages, I refuse to use snaps).


Wawww !
I love this too !

Not totally same use case (bauh will help find & install and is pure GUI)
but topgrade is really something !

Btw, I dispise snaps as well, but use all other packagings :wink:

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I am trying to decide if I should keep bauh or drop it. I use pamac most of the time, but I also use Bauh, I like the layout and functionalility.

The weird thing is that it often will want to upgrade something that is already up to date. And that doesnt go away.

Can someone tell me if Bauh is maintained and cared for in manjaro and Arch?

You can try webapp-manager as a replacement for SSB.


Yes, webapp-manager lets you set different browsers - useful because my son’s school website has no English, so I need that to open as a Chrome webapp, but with most stuff I support Firefox.

Hmm interesting, this webapp-manager.
Very different from bauh’s PWA management, closer of Hamsket, Ferdi and other messenging apps.
Would it manage tabs on Firefox and it could well replace those (which all are cChromium based).

On the other hand, for pure PWA, I will stay with bauh (as well as for AppImage and flatpak, as I said.)


It has support for firefox and chrome based browsers, including vivaldi that has support for drm and proprietary media codecs, that is the only browser i know of that supports those on linux besides chrome, flatpaks and snaps pamac also has support for those.

Well it doesn’t necessarily show tabs or navigation. The tabs are still there, just invisible :wink:
I’m not sure if you use mouse gestures, I use RMB and scroll wheel to switch tabs so I don’t miss clicking or seeing them at all.

The web app works well with this forum, I have a Firefox window - no tabs and it lends nicely to tiling.

You do know that Bauh respects theming, right?

Notice how Paru gives a more sane listing, with community as number 1. Bauh showed me only one option…