Pipewire in obs not working

Anything in obs that uses pipewire is not working and cannot detect any applications, including plugins. Any package I’ve found that’s been said is needed seems to conflict with something I already have by default. Any info I found online is related to Wayland, but I’m pretty sure I’m using x11.

I am trying to use a plugin that gets the audio of specific applications, but it uses pipewire

Manjaro uses pulseaudio by default. You can switch to pipewire instead by installing the manjaro-pipewire package, which will uninstall pulseaudio.

If pipewire doesn’t work for you and you need to switch back, see this post and the rest of that thread.

Is there any noticeable difference using pipewire instead?

Yes, you can use the browser capture and separate input sound (per window) with pipewire.
But the manjaro version does not support that, for that you need to change to the flatpak version.

OBS has the same default settings in PulseAudio (and other proprietary OS too)

Quick Start Guide | OBS
By default, OBS Studio is set to capture your desktop audio and microphone

OBS Audio settings allow user to add a 2nd Desktop Audio sink; 3 additional Mic/Auxiliary sources and use an audio sink for monitoring

Additional audio channels can also be added in the Sources dock:

  • Audio Input Device (ALSA)
  • Audio Input Capture (PulseAudio)
  • Audio Output Capture (PulseAudio)
  • JACK Input Client

I expect OBS has similar options for PipeWire replacement services pipewire-pulse and pipewire-jack

Capturing audio playback for a specific application would need an additional virtual sink
pactl command to create a virtual sink should work on PipeWire similar to PulseAudio

pactl load-module module-null-sink

Add the null sink to OBS in Audio settings or via Sources dock
and configure the specific audio application to play to the null sink in Audio GUI controls

The plugin seemed to start working from just doing sudo pacman -S manjaro-pipewire and letting it replace conflicts then rebooting. The other OBS pipewire sources based on pipewire don’t seem to work, but they have other versions that do. If this stops working at one point I may try the other solutions, but things seem fine right now.

Yeah, I got most plugins working but when I got to browser source I could just not get it to work, it has to do with dependencies (chrome IIRC) so I changed to the flatpak version. But maybe it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

With pipewire all of the sinks modules and stuff are a thing of the past thank god. :smiley:

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