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what is the most stable manjaro pinephone image at the moment? I tried the alpha5 but it was pretty broken, it was hard to update using pacman with so many package changes, and a conflict. It did not arrive at a more working order.

You can try the Phosh version

there are no daily builds for plasma version?

This issue prevents any kind of use for the phosh version

UI becomes unresponsive after a while.

On phosh I cannot activate mobile data. Regardless of the connection type the connection to the carrier is lost after some seconds after activatiing mobile data and whether calls nor mobile data is working. After deactivating mobile data phone calls could be made and received flawlessly

There’s also an alpha6 release and even Alpha7 if you look in the OSDN folder:

Plasma Mobile Alpha 7
Phosh Alpha 2

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thanks, i wonder why these have not been announced? i am currently testing phosh to see if the lockup issue is fixed with installing latest updates, if not i guess i try plasma alpha7 next.

Phosh Alpha2 was announced here

Don’t know why the Plasma Mobile images has not been announced on the forum.

Maybe just got lost in the forum transition? I remembered seeing some mention of the Alpha7, but that was probably the twitter announcement (as I pretty much staked out Twitter during the forum downtime period to keep up to date). And now I have to go and download it, as I forgot to do that, although to be honest, I’ll probably stick with Phosh for now as my regular UI :wink:

I haven’t tried kde-plasma alpha 7, but alpha 6 was still pretty broken. I’ve been happy with phosh as the “daily” builds, which seem to be stable enough to not warrant daily releases anymore, are working pretty good for me. since the forum going down, I’ve just been cheching osdn every couple of days to see if a newer release is out.

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Alpha7 is also pretty broken. Incoming calls are not received if phone is on sleep. Incoming calls wake it up, but no further action
Also the interface hangs often and does not respond properly.

Plasma looks very promising. But ATM not usable as an daily and reliable driver

Phosh Alpha 2 also problems: If activating mobile data the connection to the carrier drops on 8 of 10 tries and cannot be re-established. No phone calls in and out possible. If deactivating mobile data it works.Kind of lottery sometimes. If connection is up and phone sleeps receiving the call lasts up to 25 seconds. Most callers drop the call in between. But principally it works.

Looks also promising, but not usable ATM as an reliably daily driver

BOTH are in Alpha state, so no worry. It would take some time to sort things out.
In between only UB-Touch runs here and can be used as a daily (with some missing features). But battery on UB-Touch is no reason for joy. Sometimes the battery is empty after 4 ours of NO usage

Therefore I have some SD cards here and try out new releases on an regular base after download new images or online updates


what prompted me to start this thread was the state of alpha5 vs ubuntu touch few months ago when i last tested the pinephone. Now after installing and updating phosh alpha 2 it has some of the same missing features still, like no use of the indication light for charging, just like alpha 5. The light worked as expected in ubuntu.

For some reason phosh seems to intermittently wake up from sleep while just sitting idle connected to usb for charging. Maybe it has something to do with the charging cycles? AFAIK the charging is not continuously on but pauses for a while once reached full.

Yes, but UB-Touch also is not reliable in loading and discharging. Sometimes sleeps all the night, sometimes wakes up and does not return to deep sleep. Also the battery level does not always display the correct values after sleep.

UB touch now in dev-stage supports GPS and the camera also works. Nearly feature-complete. But flashlight for photos also do not work in UB-Touch. But calls in/out and SMS are working flawlessly.
Also mobile data.

IMO the mostly functional “daily driver” today is UB-Touch

i am looking for a system to host my experimental mobile UPS powered standalone bitcoin node. I only need stable wifi, SD, and system. Phosh with latest updates seems to behave well except the random waking.

Do you have an argument why ubports would be better? Can i not expect doing upgrades from here on out will keep manjaro functional?

Should i see the lack of light functionality as describing the maturity of the support?

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Why not just consider a regular SBC for that?
If you don’t require LTE connection, an SBC with a wifi chip should do just fine.

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