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Hi @philm , please forgive me if I post this question in the wrong forum… I really don’t know where to ask otherwise.

I was looking into ordering the “Manjaro phone” but it comes out I would need to pay 25% VAT because that’s how much VAT you pay in Poland.
I’m in Germany: how does it work when the phone gets here? Is there a way to get the extra-VAT back?

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If you look for it to ship to a German address you would get this for the 3GB version:

Subtotal $199.99
Shipping PinePhone Courier Shipping Method with VAT: $19.99 Shipping to Berlin, Germany .
VAT $50.60
Total $270.58

And for the normal edition:

Subtotal $149.99
Shipping * PinePhone Courier Shipping Method with VAT: $19.99 Shipping to Berlin, Germany .
VAT $39.10
Total $209.08

Tax-Free is only for people not living within the EU. So you only pay the tax once. Private consumers who buy goods in another EU country usually pay VAT in that country. They are not required to pay VAT on the goods a second time in their European home country.

Americans are mostly lucky, as they don’t have to pay taxes for goods bought outside of their country …

Subtotal $149.99
Shipping PinePhone Standard Shipping Method: $15.00 Shipping to AL, United States (US) .
Total $164.99

Also they are used to net-prices, as each state has different taxes.

Where exactly is this located and from what country do they ship their products from to EU countries? Is it inside EU or not? I mean if the origin country isn’t even inside EU, they should not ask VAT at all (it’s our customs job to do)!

Going through the ordering process in the PINE shop myself, they somewhere mentioned that they would be shipping from their Polish fulfilment center to The Netherlands. Hence, they were charging the Polish VAT percentage, which in effect is then the EU VAT, regardless whether your particular EU country would charge more or less VAT on that product.

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The pine store is located in Hong Kong if I rember right. There should be an option to choose dhl and that option is without Vat.

The EU shipping we pay the Vat when we buy the pp.
That option is for me cheaper because here in Denmark the postal service charge me close to 25 $ in fee just for collect Vat for the customs .
This way I get no surprise.

They ship all EU in bulk to Poland and then from there out to the buyer. It takes a bit longer.

I bought the Manjaro convergence edition and and payid $269.98 in total inc Vat .

I’ve been following the blog post and the shipping thread, that’s where I have the info from .

PinePhone Shipping thread

[PinePhone blog ]
(Blog | PINE64)

There is a shipping info page here
Shipping information

PINEPHONE-MANJARO – Estimate to be dispatched in late October 2020 – Ships from Hong Kong

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