Manjaro ARM Developer-Release with Plasma-Mobile (PinePhone)

The display is blank after boot on this one. If i rotate the screen a few times I can see a small portion of the display, but not enough to unlock the device.

Wow - great !
Any android apps working ?

Any short howto maybe ? :slight_smile:

You can follow the theread i posted on the pinephone formus:

Thanks for sharing paju! :slight_smile: How does Anbox perform on this release? In my personal experience the Plasma Mobile release is the least responsive when compared to the Phosh and Lomiri releases. I can imagine this impacts Anbox performance as well.

I havent had time to toy with it too much, it seems performance wise its about the same than in phosh i dont see any difference. Keyboard input is broken like in phosh so you have to install simple keyboard from f-droid. Unlike in phosh the apps dont get covered by the top or bottom bars so in that regard is better.

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Hi, with a new update to plasma-mobile just released (Plasma Mobile)
there are mentions of other plasma apps like kclock and kweather. These don’t seem to be available in the repository or by default unless I have missed something?

What is the best way to install these currently?

Also, will they and perhaps more of the plasma-mobile packages be bundled with the install image in future releases? After all apps like clock (for alarm-functionality) should come installed by default.

Thank you for having a plasma version of Manjaro for Pinephone, Plasma seems quite neglected among all the other distributions who only seem to focus on phosh. Good way for Manjaro to differentiate itself.

The latest image 201029 doesnt boot for me on the 3g pinephone from sdcard…

Any news on when the new plasma 5.20.1 will be available in a alpha or beta build?
I cant use any phone without kde connect!

For the Phone we will ship with 5.21-dev of Plasma, as 5.20 series is too old.

Any plans of releasing a new Plasma Mobile Alpha soon or of upcoming, breaking changes? I am going to demo Plasma Mobile with Convergence on video next week, that’s why I am asking.

This month the Plasma-mobile team has published a new post with what has been updated in Plasma-mobile: Plasma Mobile update: October 2020 | Plasma Mobile

There are many new fixes and updates but more importantly they have released many plasma-mobile apps like Kclock and Kweather which are not in the repository currently. Some of the apps, like Kweather have desktop modes so adding them to the Manjaro repository should be a good thing to support a full Plasma desktop experience.

Is Manjaro only focusing on Phosh?
Is there any news on when the Plasma apps will be added and a new alpha/beta version is released?

We are closely working with the Plasma-Mobile team. Latest images can be found here.


Ah, I can see that more apps have been added to the latest dev image! Thank you. Nice to know that Manjaros Plasma edition is still getting support!

I would say it’s unfair to suggest Manjaro devs are only working on Phosh. They will also be working on Plasma and Lomiri versions (although the latter has stalled of late through no fault of their own). That being said, I would expect that, ethically speaking, more time would need to be given to the Phosh build as hundreds/thousands of people will have recently shelled out £150+ for a Manjaro-based phone, which currently runs Phosh.

Who knows, priorities may change in the future. I believe that Plasma mobile will eventually end up being the primary build for Manjaro, but that’s just a uninformed hunch.

It would be great to get overall feedback on PlaMo, as we work towards Beta1. So any issues you may find can be posted here.


Can someone recommend a good music player for Plasma-Mobile? If I was using KDE on my Pinebook Pro I’d probably use Elisa.

GitLab login wants full access to my GitLab account

Yeah. I wasn’t particularly happy with that either. Only went with it because my GitLab account is practically empty as I only created it a couple of weeks ago while musing over moving away from GitHub

Reported two issues:

  • Incoming calls could not be taken on lockscreen and display stays off on arriving a call
  • provider in statusbar displayed only numeric eg. 345672

Newest image from 16.11.2020