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Where did you find this image?
It's added in the tools so we can make test images etc. But the support is not done yet. Still does not work properly.

We haven't released any Odroid N2 images for 19.10.


I found the image by doing something wrong :

[nicolas@nls-pc ~]$ sudo buildarmoem -d on2 -e kde -v myfirstbuild -n
[sudo] Mot de passe de nicolas : 
grep: /usr/share/manjaro-arm-tools/profiles/arm-profiles/editions/kde: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
grep: /usr/share/manjaro-arm-tools/profiles/arm-profiles/services/kde: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
Invalid edition kde, please choose one of the following

I created yesterday an image for the n2, not tested for the moment...

Have a good day.

Ah, you are building the image with the tools. And yes, there are kde-plasma and plasma-mobile.
We renamed kde to kde-plasma in the latest release of the tools. Was mentioned in the top post as well.

Some of the profiles are a work in progress. Like the Plasma-Mobile one.

You're right, I build the image with the tool.

You are working on the pinephone, thank's a lot !
Make a pool on the manjaro forum to know how many people wish to buy a pinephone

I hope to find a day this page with go to store !

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I agree to this, @Strit Maybe this is a good idea. But we need to wait until we have something working on the device and also PinePhone is not there to order yet, so again there is a long wait for normal users to purchase it.

Thanks for the idea though.


You're welcome.

Another (old) idea, manjaro team suggest to the pine64 team to create a pre order for this product.

Have a good day.

The PinePhone is not finished yet. There is no finished OS for it either.
So either way it would be a ways off.
And I am pretty sure Pine64 knows how to release a product (see the success of the Pinebook Pro).

Nice, the Pinephone is for sale !

Nice, the Pinephone is for sale !

only intended for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience and an interest in Linux-on-phone.

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Only the developer edition it would seem. Still not bad for its price.

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Yeah. The Brave Heart edition is for app developers and other early adopters.
It comes with no pre-installed OS and is the first revision. :slight_smile:

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Yorper and Strit, thank's for your reply

Just got my pinephone, tried manjaro plasma, had some issues... still i'd love to get manjaro on my pinephone since i got it on my pinebook pro... switched back to ubuntu touch.... nice but.... u.b.u.t.u 14....

Experieced sys admin/dev/devops, lot of experience with systems and mobile dev, i'd love to help, test and make it better, can't we setup a github page for this ? it would be public and we could redirect all support there, i'd love to help. i want a good manjaro distro for my pine :wink:

Much love, Ivan

We have our gitlab, where each package has a repo.

didn't digg enough thanks !

BTW nice work on the port :wink:

Will surely try to help.


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