Pinebook Pro Update crashed

Unfortunately my Pinebook Pro crashed during upgrade.
First I will try to salvage the files as much as possible.

I have U-Boot 2021-07 and I tried to boot Manjaro 23.02, but it doesn’t boot from micro SD or USB after a cold boot.
I also tried Armbian and it boots, so it should be possible to salvage my files.
And restarting Armbian from USB, I can start Manjaro 23.02 from micro SD (remove USB immediately after restart).

What are my options to get Manjaro back on the eMMC, without taking the eMMC out?
Is it possible to fix the broken installation?
It tries to boot, but after a while I only get a blinking cursor.
Or is the only option to reinstall Manjaro 23.02 from micro SD?