Need Help Recovering /boot Contents on Pinebook Pro

I accidentally deleted all the contents of my boot partition on my PBP NVMe SSD. The root partition is fine. I’m using Tow-Boot.

I’ve installed Manjaro to my eMMC and I am currently booting it. My NVMe probably contains everything I need to restore /boot on the NVMe. For example, I have /var/cache/pacman/pkg/linux-6.25-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst and all my other package archives.

Can I run pacman from my eMMC system and tell it to install the needed package(s) from my NVMe drive onto the boot partition of my NVMe drive?

Perhaps I can simply umount the eMMC /boot partition, mount the NVMe boot partition in its place and then open a terminal in on the NVMe (/run/media…/var/cache/pacman/pkg/) folder and type "pacman -U <package.zst>?

What packages do I need to install?

If the above wonderfully simple idea won’t work, do I need to use some kind of chroot command to chroot to the old system first?

I’m nearly certain this isn’t a big deal but all I could find was Windows EFI recovery advice in these forums.

Thanks a bunch!


P.S. Unrelated but why does Tow-Boot say

WARNING: Bad CRC. Using default environment.

during boot.

I recently installed Tow-Boot to my SPI to replace u-boot installed on other drives at various times.

Using my video camera, I captured the last text on the screen from a Tow-Boot boot of my NVMe.

So do I need to chroot into this system and try a reinstall of the kernel?

Yes! If you are able to boot into another working system, chrooting into your old system and reinstalling the package linux should do the trick