Pinebook Pro Printing Issue

I received my pine book pro in early September with Manjaro KDE installed.
I have a HP Office Jet 5200 as my wireless printer which is installed on my home network.
Manjaro cannot detect the printer which is very annoying, I have the hp print utility installed but it just does not see the printer when you search. Can someone lead me in the right direction with this. Thanks.

I believe this is no longer a problem with the main ISOs, but first I would check if your user is in the sys group. If not, I added my username mparillo (substitute your username) with:

$ sudo gpasswd -a mparillo sys

Second, when you installed hplip, I would check to see which optional dependencies were installed. For example:

Optional dependencies for hplip
    cups: for printing support
    sane: for scanner support [installed]
    xsane: sane scanner frontend
    python-pillow: for commandline scanning support
    python-reportlab: for pdf output in hp-scan
    rpcbind: for network support
    python-pyqt5: for running GUI and hp-toolbox
    libusb: for advanced usb support [installed]
    wget: for network support [installed]

So, I installed:

$ sudo pacman -S python-pyqt5
$ sudo pacman -S cups

Then, since you are on KDE, I would check for system settings controls (generally present except on minimal installs), but if not installed:

$ sudo pacman -S print-manager
$ sudo pacman -S system-config-printer

Last, I would enable CUPS if not already enabled before starting HP Setup from the command line:

$ systemctl enable org.cups.cupsd.service
$ systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service
$ hp-setup -u

Thanks for the info, sorted it out today, working fine.

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