Perhaps a silly question, but can manjaro-arm-installer be run on a docker container?

And if so while the container runs manjaro can the host be run on a windows machine?


I’ll take the answer as a yes.

Hello @folaht :wink:

Sure, but since docker is just a chroot container, the windows machine have to be also running arm. Docker does no virtualization itself.

I just want to install manjor-arm on the microSD card on a windows machine using a x86_64 minimal Manjaro installation with manjaro-arm-installer on it, not run manjaro ARM on the windows machine.

I like the ease of installment.

ok, i am not an arm expert, but there are images which you have to flash to the sdcard. Then boot from the sdcard and continue the configuration.

On which arm device do you need to boot?

Btw… the arm section would be a better place for your topic.

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A raspberry Pi.
The great thing about manjaro-arm-installer is that the configuration is pretty much complete.
No boot to continue configuration needed.

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